PHAN HUYNH GIA PHAT REAL ESTATE & CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED – The leading supplier of shops in Vietnam with the main products:

Aluminum doors and facades Unitized with European standards.

Windows, doors, glass walls made of high quality uPVC materials

High quality sliding ceiling doors for garage.

Automatic stainless steel gate for factories and industrial zones.

Specialized anti-mosquito net door.

Doors with floor hinges, glass railings, ....

Glass products: Tempered safety glass, tempered glass, semi-tempered glass, safety glass, glass box, patterned glass - art.

Working Motto

The company has a team of experienced engineers trained at home and abroad, a team of highly skilled production and installation workers, especially with a close combination of foreign experts who have a professional. The company's technical system research and development department always researches, updates and applies the most advanced design and installation technologies to meet the diverse and complex architectural solutions of companies. current program. With the spirit of providing, taking care of the best customer service, contributing to building a prosperous and happy country!


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