Aluminum door

A perfect living space, indispensable for delicate aluminum framed doors. The reason aluminum doors are a material used by many projects is because of their versatility and usefulness. Compared to wood, aluminum material is light, diverse in colors, diverse in designs, easy to maintain as well as more durable under the impact of the environment and external forces...

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Aluminum frame doors have many different types of doors, such as:
– Aluminum sliding doors: hearing the name, we must have imagined the design of this door. This is a type of door, also known as a gate, which is arranged in many office and company buildings.
– Aluminum doors open and back: this is the type of door that is often selected and used as the main door. In architecture, the main door in the drawing is always a door that opens and turns to ensure usability, as well as fire protection.
- Aluminum sliding doors: this type of door is used a lot to separate the kitchen area, toilet, ... By saving the opening area, soundproofing, good anti-odor.

In addition to the exit door, there are many other types of aluminum windows such as: aluminum windows that open, aluminum windows that open and slide, aluminum windows that open and slide, aluminum windows that turn inward, fixed glass walls, ...